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Nutrition and Tanning

About Fuel and Fire Nutrition and Tanning

Fuel and Fire Nutrition and Tanning is a full service tanning salon, and stocked full Supplement and Nutrition shop. Located at 128 South Keeneland Drive, in Richmond, Kentucky. It is your escape from a long day, and can supply you with all your supplement needs.

When you walk into Fuel and Fire you will see our Nutrition section that has everything from Protein Powders, Fat Burners, Vitamins, and Pre-workouts.  We also have Candleberry Candles, and large variety of tanning lotions.

We proudly offer form fitting, comfortable Vidi Vici Fitness Apparel.

After checking out our shop, you can move on to our tanning beds. This is where you will be able to put some color your skin!

At Fuel and Fire we have several different beds so that your experience is exactly what you want. Our bed options are:

Level 1-15 Minute Beds, 2 facial tanners

Level 2-15 Minute Beds, 3 facial tanners

Level 3-8 Minute Stand up Bed

Level 4-10 Minute Bed, 5 facial tanners

Level 5- 20 Minute, High Pressure, Super Nova Sunsport

-Mystic Spray Tan